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The Kind Sage

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This will make your day!! Well it made mine 😘😍

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This is so, YES! 

I eat an apple everyday for breakfast and finally tried doing this this morning - SO awesome! Paradigm shifted! Brain re-wired! Mind blown!

(And i ate some of the seeds and spit some out. It would take a whole cup of just seeds ingested at once to get cyanide poisoning so don’t be a wuss!)

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The final song in Bowie’s Playlist Vol. 1 - Sky Ferreira “Everything is Embarrassing” Enjoy!

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I LOVE Queen and happen to think this is one of the best songs of all time, but I don’t own it and I hardly ever listen to it unless it comes on the radio. Which is why I was so surprised when Bowie started singing this song out of the blue one day. She does that a lot actually! Starts singing a song that I didn’t even know she’d ever heard - she has a good ear for music which also why its so fun doing playlists for her. She really, really loves it! She can name a song and who it’s by after hearing just a few notes. 

Anyway, without any further adieu, Song #10 on Bowie’s Playlist Vol.1  - Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”  

(As performed by the Muppets)

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Love the live version of this song from pitchforktv. Love this song in general. It’s like audio indoctrination for four years-olds. I told you your dreams would come true! Song #9 on Bowie’s Playlist Vol.1 is YACHT - “Psychic City (Voodoo City)” 

(Again, with the voodoo! Bowie’s really feelin’ her Haitian roots.)

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Bowie’s Playlist Vol. 1 Song #8  - Portishead “Glory Box”  

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Bowie’s Playlist Vol.1 song #7 -  Don McLean “American Pie”  Bowie’s fascination with lyrics and themes that have to do with death, dying, skeletons continues. I had never seen him sing it live before, a rather charming performer I must say. There’s a weird little hiccup early on in vid (my apologies) but all in all pretty rad. Kind of impressed by  Bowie’s appreciation of classic rock and super long anthemic songs :)

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Bowie liked this song a lot when she heard it in the car, but the first time she saw the music video her ADORATION was cemented. The record for the number of times she’s watched it in a row is somewhere between 25 and 30 I think. 

Song #6 on Bowie’s Playlist Vol. 1 is -  MGMT “Time To Pretend”

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I’ve recently discovered that a love of all things Bond runs in the family. I have all the original books, many of the records, and prints of the original movie posters from different countries. My little brother (who is 20 years younger by the way) has seen all 23 movies already multiple times and owns at least 16. And now Bowie is continuing the tradition. The best part of watching the Bond movie title sequences with her is her running commentary.

Bowie: What is she doing?

Me: A funny dance

Bowie: What is she doing now?

Me: Another funny dance

Bowie: Look! She turned into a fire skull!

Song #5 of Bowie’s Playlist Vol. 1 is - Wings “Live and Let Die”